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Audio Conferencing Services Description

Toll-free number

Participants can dial-in without any local toll charges.

International Dial-in number

Participants can dial-in from any country.

No monthly fees

Only pay if you use the account.

Post Conference Emails

Emails can be sent with information on the particiants and the duration they were on the call.

Dial Out Permissions

Leader can dial participants from the system.

Entry Announcement

Play tone, name, both, or silence when people enter the conference.

Exit Announcement

Play tone, name, both, or silence when people leave the conference.

Name Record

Require participants to record their name upon logging in to the conference.

Security Passcode

Require an additional code that must be entered to join the conference.

Quick Start

Allows a conference to start even before the leader joins.


Allows a conference to continue even after the leader leaves.


Leader can choose whether or not the call can be continued after the leader leaves the conference.


Project Account Code can be entered by the leader to help in billing customers for calls (or categorize expenses).

Recorder Dal Out

Leader can choose to record the conference.

Prompt Set

Prompts can be set to several languages.

Operator Request

Leader and/or participants can request an operator to assist them.

Personal Greeting

A custom greeting can be recorded and played when people enter the conference.

Dual Passcode

Leaders can join a conference by entering only one code.

Web Conferencing Services Description

125 Participants

Up to 125 participants without reservations.

Outlook Integration

Schedule meetings via Outlook by adding participants and conference details by pressing a couple of buttons.

Desktop software

Automatically login to the conferncing system when you start your computer and start your meeting with the click of a button.

No client required

Participants do not need to install a client.  Hey just need to login to a meeting via their web browser and they are in the meeting.


Get information on participants attending the meeting.


Conduct poll during the meeting.

Chat Sessions

Enable chat sessions during the meeting.

Pass control

Pass control of the meeting to any participant who has a client installed.

Share desktop video

Share the video from your attached video device.

Share presentations and applications

Choose what to display: Desktop, Presentation, File or Application, or a Region of your desktop.