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How it Works

Low rates

  • Only $0.045/page
  • Only pay for the pages you use
  • No commitments or overage fees
  • Charges based on actual monthly usage


  • Send faxes via web, email, MS Office, mobile phone, or fax machine
  • Receive faxes via web, email, FTP, HTTP. SFTP. HTTPS, mobile phone, or fax machine
  • Fax encryption and digital signature available
  • Toll-free or local fax numbers

Highly reliable

  • One of the most reliable faxing platforms available
  • Send/receive hundreds of pages in a single fax
  • Never busy. Send and receive as many faxes as you like at the same time
  • Fully redundant fax systems

Other benefits

  • Send faxes digitally or via your fax machine
  • Save copes of all of your faxes in a PDF or TIF file
  • Use less paper, less ink, and pay for less hardware