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Services Description

Toll-free or local numbers

We can provide both toll-free and local numbers.

Use your existing fax number

We can port virtually any phone number to our system.

Pay for what you use

If you use 1000 pages in June and 200 pages in July, that is what you will pay.  No overages.  No commitments.

View your faxes online

We store your faxes online for 30 days for you to view or send if you desire.

Receive your faxes through several methods

Receive faxes via the web, email, mobile phone, FTP, HTTP, SFTP, HTTPS, and/or your fax machine. 

Send faxes through several methods

Send faxes via the web, email, MS Office applications, mobile phone, or your fax machine.

Send email attachments

Send PDF, JPEG, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, PT, PPTX, and many other formats as fax pages, simply by attaching them to the email.

Custom cover pages

Send faxes with custom cover pages and have the name, company name, phone number, and RE:

Send/Receive encrypted faxes

Do you have a security or regulatory concern for your faxes?  We can send and receive them for you using 128-bit encryption.

PDF Editor

Use PDF Editor to improve collaboration by distributing and sharing an interactive PDF that you and your colleagues can search, route, stamp, edit, and digitally sign

Never busy

Send/receive several faxes at a time using the same number.  Your line will never be busy.

No maximums

No limits on the number of pages sent/received per month.

Send bulk faxes

Send faxes to distribution lists you can upload.